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At Turramurra High School our students wear their uniform with pride. They know that wearing the THS uniform is a symbol of them belonging to the Turramurra High School family. We encourage all our parents to support their children in the correct wearing of full uniform at school and whilst journeying to and from school.

 Details of our Uniform, including garments available and pricing, are available here

Please note for the remainder of 2021, orders will be online only in line with COVID related restrictions under Department of Education guidelines. We are unable to provide the following services for the remainder of 2021:

1/ Parents cannot come onsite to attend the Uniform Shop.
2/ We cannot take over the counter orders.
3/ We cannot allow the try on of garments to determine sizes - if you have ordered the incorrect size, you can complete the exchange form and return along with the garment to the same place orders are picked up

All information below under the titles “Over the counter purchases and trying on sizes” and “Parents coming onsite by appointment” relate to normal operations, and are not currently available.  Thank you for your patience and co-operation as we operate in line with the current restrictions, and we’re looking forward to be able to get closer to normal operations in 2022!

 Ordering online

 Parents are encouraged to place orders online via Munch Monitor

 All orders can be picked up by students from the Canteen during recess, lunch or before school (from 8am), every day during school term. All orders will contain a return form with instructions on what to do if you would like to change your garment for a different size.

 Over the counter purchases and trying on sizes

 If students would like to order and pay for garments in person, or have the opportunity to try on garments to check size and comfort, they are welcome to come to the Canteen at recess, lunch or before school any day during school term. All garments in all sizes are available to try on. All orders placed in person will be ready for pickup from the Canteen the following day.

 Please note we do not accept payment by cash or cheque

 Payment options available for over the counter purchases include Munch Monitor and EFTPOS – Savings, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

 Parents coming onsite by appointment

 We encourage orders online, and where that is not possible, we encourage students to come to the Canteen to place their order. However we also recognise that occasionally there will be circumstances that require a parent to attend the school to assist their child with their uniform requirements. If you do need to come onsite, please email uniformshop@ths.community to request an appointment, along with details of the assistance you require, preferred appointment time and your contact number. We will then get in touch to organise an appointment time, and will meet you at the school office upon your arrival.

 Please note we are unable to assist parents without an appointment. Thank you in advance for helping our operations run smoothly and helping keep our students safe.

 Please email us at uniformshop@ths.community if you have any questions or require any assistance.

Students and Staff from the THS Uniform Team

Email: uniformshop@ths.community