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At Turramurra High School our students wear their uniform with pride. They know that wearing the THS uniform is a symbol of them belonging to the Turramurra High School family. We encourage all our parents to support their children in the correct wearing of full uniform at school and whilst journeying to and from school.

Details of our Uniform, including garments available and pricing, are available here

Ordering online

Parents and students are encouraged to place orders online via Munch Monitor

All orders can be picked up by students from the Uniform Shop counter (next to the Canteen) during recess or lunch, every day during school term. Students can try on garments in our changerooms when picking up the garments, and if sizing is incorrect, we can exchange on the spot.

Over the counter purchases and trying on sizes

If students would like to order and pay for garments in person or have the opportunity to try on garments to check size and comfort, they are welcome to come to the Uniform Shop counter (next to the Canteen) at recess or lunch, any day during school term. All garments in all sizes are available to try on, and changerooms are available.

Please note we do not accept payment by cash or cheque

Payment options available for over the counter purchases include Munch Monitor and EFTPOS – Savings, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

Product returns and exchanges

If garments are taken home and tried on, and you wish to return the garments for a different size, please ensure you return them with labels attached, in original condition and in original packaging. All exchanges must be made within 28 days of order date. Please come to the Uniform Shop Counter during any recess or lunch during school term, and we can exchange for a new size on the spot.

Available Appointment Times for Parents – 8.00am to 8.40am every Friday Morning

We encourage orders online, and where that is not possible, we encourage students to come to the Canteen to place their order – it has been made extremely easy for students to pick up orders, purchase garments, exchange garments and try on sizing, and it is a good way for students to learn some basic responsibility and agency. However, we also recognise that sometimes there will be circumstances that require a parent to attend the school to assist with their child’s uniform requirements.

We have appointments available at the Uniform Shop between 8.00am and 8.40am every Friday morning during school term. If you would like to make an appointment during this window, please email uniformshop@ths.community at least 24 hours before you wish to attend. Please ensure you wait until you have received a confirmation before attending – as we average 2 parent requests a term, we are not open during this time by default, and will only be open when an appointment has been confirmed.

Second hand clothing

Parents looking to donate, sell or purchase second hand clothing, we recommend you join the following Facebook Group:


This is a group solely dedicated to the donation and sale of second-hand uniforms for Turramurra High School, administered by parent volunteers from the school community. The group is private, so that only THS parents and students can see what is posted in the group.

Please note the Uniform Shop does not sell second clothing, and we do not accept donations. The key feedback from our extensive consultation with parents on second hand clothing is that in a high school environment, parents rarely attend the school in person, so offering onsite second-hand sales provides very limited accessibility. The parent run Facebook Group is a much more effective way to either donate, sell or buy second-hand uniforms quickly and conveniently.

Please email us at uniformshop@ths.community if you have any questions or require any assistance.

Students and Staff from the THS Uniform Team

Email: uniformshop@ths.community