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Language and Cooking Educational Incursion

Tuesday 9th May - Japanese P1 - 8U P2 - 8T P3 - 8R P4 - 8M

Yr 8 Japanese & Chinese Language students will have an immersive educational and cultural experience of learning their selected language while undertaking a cooking class with chef Luca Roncari. The cooking class is completely “hands-on" and each student is involved in making the dish from scratch. Japanese students will learn to make Yakiudon noodle stir-fry and gain a great insight into the traditional sauces and flavours used in Japanese cuisine. Chinese students will learn to make Chinese Pork Dumplings where the students make their dumpling by combining all the ingredients and hand filling them and shape them in a variety of traditional and creative ways. For both cooking classes - materials, ingredients, cutlery and plates, chef hats and gloves are provided. Students will also learn the recipes and undertake language activities in class in the lead up to be familiar with the ingredients and cooking method for both cultures and cuisines.