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Technology and applied studies at THS

At Turramurra High School we engender in our students the ability to be able to consider and be aware of the impact that designers and the nature of design has upon the world.

The Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) faculty utilises both traditional and industry standard technologies to provide students with opportunities to engage in innovative practical design activities.

TAS electives provide the opportunity for students to complete practical projects which are both challenging and rewarding. They allow students to develop sound practical skills which are an asset both personally and later in the workplace.

The rapid rate of technological change in an increasingly knowledge-based society highlights the need for flexible technological capability, innovative thinking and effective communication skills.  Vital life skills such as team work, communication, time management and organisational skills underpin all Technology and Applied Studies design projects.

Course choices in TAS include Food Technology, Textiles and Design, Design and Technology, Engineering Studies, Industrial Technology Wood, Timber products and furniture Technologies, Hospitality, Community and Family Studies, Information Processes and Technology, Software Design and Development.

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