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Palo Alto NSW Cyber Industry Experience Day

Palo Alto are one of the largest Cyber Security firms in the world. This engaging opportunity aligns with the outcomes Option 5: TheInternet and Website Development of the IST syllabus. Students will be completing 2 missions. Mission 1: Fascinating Hacks. An interactive session on some of the most fascinating hacks in history (i.e a hacker that managed to get into a Casino network via an internet connected thermometer in a fish tank). This will provide an understanding of the threat landscape and the many different ways you could fall victim to a cyber attack. The students will then work in groups to identify a vulnerability in their school or home and come up with a solution to prevent anattack. Mission 2: Track the Hack This is highly engaging and energetic, also great to get the teachers involved. The students will be given a mission to work out the code the hacker used to infiltrate a core system.