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In NSW high schools, languages is a key learning area.

Language study allows students to develop communication skills, learn about languages as systems and explore the relationship between language and culture. Students engage with the linguistic and cultural diversity of societies and reflect on their understanding of social interactions.

The study of a language is compulsory for 100 hours in one continuous school year from Year 7 to Year 10, but preferably in Years 7 or 8.

In Years 11 and 12, NSW schools offer a wide variety of languages, catering for beginning students to background speakers.


At Turramurra High School, we offer 2 languages: Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese.

Stage 4 Languages  (Mandatory)

In Year 8, students participate in one of the two languages offered for the entire year; 100 indicative hours. 

Stage 5 Languages (Elective)

Year 9 and 10 students may elect to continue their language learning into Stage 5 by completing the 200 hour course over two years. Completion of the Year 8 courses are recommended but not required.

Stage 6 Languages (Elective)

Students may elect to choose a language for Year 11 and 12 under strict prerequisites. 

Continuers level language courses provide opportunities for students to continue to develop their skills and knowledge of their chosen language from Stage 5, and gain an insight into the culture and language of various communities through the study of a range of texts. There are also possibilities for Extension level courses for Year 12 students.

Beginner courses have been designed for students who wish to begin their study of a language at the senior secondary level. They are intended to cater only for students with no prior knowledge or experience of the offered languages.